In the nature reserve Gelderse Poort you can enjoy cycling on the dikes or stroll along rivers. Galloway cattle and Konikhorses walk around without fences in rugged areas. Perhaps you will find marks from beavers or see a red fox. The fruit trees show their excessive blossom when you’re visiting this rural area in spring. Interesting places like the Castle Doornenburg and Fort Pannerden are nearby. Beautiful villages are hidden in a fascinating and wooded hilly landscape around Nijmegen. The oldest city of the Netherlands cherishes it’s history in historical buildings, parks and museums like Museum Het Valkhof. Arnhem is known for ‘the Battle of Arnhem’. The Airbornemuseum is one of the many museums to find in and around this city. For instance the Museum of Modern Art (MMKA), Museum Bronbeek and Kröller-Müller Museum at National Park ‘de Hoge Veluwe’ are very interesting to visit. Both towns have a wide range of shopping attractions. There are also plenty of cinemas, theaters, restaurants and cafes. Information about the surroundings is available in the guestroom.